Traditional approaches to business strategy – such as customer segmentation, market forecasting, and competitive analysis – have proven their merit, particular in traditional markets. Whether you’re introducing a new beverage or opening another retail outlet, you can boost your odds of success using these time-honored tools.

But what if you’re trying to upend an existing market with a radically new solution? Or what if you’re launching a product your potential customers don’t yet know they need? What if, in fact, you’re trying to invent a whole new market?

For ambitious, creative, revolutionary companies, a traditional approach to success simply isn’t enough. These companies and their people have a different DNA, one that translates into a unique and powerful culture that drives their success.

Unfortunately many companies lose their way. A recent study conducted by The Katzenbach Center at strategy& surveyed over 2,000 executives of varying company size, function and seniority to better understand global perspectives on culture and its impact on change.

At BlueSeed Group, we believe that culture is the most sustainable competitive advantage. That starts with the belief that people are not resources or assets, but rather the lifeblood of your company. We work with chief executives and their organizations to explore and crystalize their culture, architect a design built on a company’s unique cultural core strengths, and implement an appropriately flexible strategy grounded in a company’s distinct culture to achieve ongoing business success. With an end goal of a highly productive workforce, we build on the core tenets of stellar leadership, effective teams, and strong engagement. A strong culture enables all of this to take root and allow your company to thrive.